How The Braclays EA V3.0 Work


Braclays EA V3.0 Work

Barclays EA

  This free fx EA is built on advanced price movements, advanced multiple support and resistance levels, and the Barclays Elite-Signature Analysis System. It uses an enhanced recover, zero-martingale, or hedging technique to trade.

Barclays Regulars EA is also conscious so each trader have their unique set of personal objectives to pursue. We value if our customer wants to make 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, or even more than 1000 percent in a given day/month/year. In general, we recommend aiming for 30 – 50 percent monthly growth. When compounded, this may result in a 13,000 percent return in a year (let the monthly profit stay as your balance)

You first test on a demo account for at minimum a week. Also, familiarise oneself with and know how well the Barclays EA V3.2 Robot works before using it on a master account.

Braclays EA V3.0 Work

This strategy works best on XAUUSD (Work on any pair but currency pairs not recommended)

H1 is the best option (Work on any time frame)

A basic account of $10,000, or the equivalent in cents, is required.

Recommend utilising the provided.

put up files

The Barclays Regulars V3.2 should run 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get consistent results.Therefore, we offer you to run this free EA fx  on a VPS (Reliable and Reliable FOREX VPS - FXVM). A low spreads ECN accounts is also advised Find the Perfect Broker For You

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