How Forex Crystal Indicator Work

How Forex Crystal Indicator Work


Crystal Indicator

The search indicator calculate various  features and models of price dynamics. Overbought or under ranges were found. All estimates are based on the prior year's price action data.

It analyzes candlesticks to determine the likelihood of two powerful interests clashing - Bulls (buyers) or Bears (sellers) (sellers). As a result, a % probability of being overbought or oversold is calculated.

Whenever the ratio of Bears to Bulls in the overvalued zone reaches 2/1 (in terms of percentage), the Forex crystal indicator gives a sales forecast.Otherwise, if the Bull to Bears ratio in the oversold zone approaches 2/1 (in percentage), the indicator signals a buy.

How Forex Crystal Indicator Work

When often does the indicator send out signals?

If you focus on the shorter period, which is  1, there will be a lot more indications than if you are working on the M5 period.More information on signal purity can be obtained here.

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