How This Free Trend Follow EA Work


How This  Free Trend Follow EA Work

Trend Follow Ea Is A Free EA And share Only For Educational Purpose 

Trend Follow EA The expert advisor EA MT4 was created to trade on the MT4 trading platform. Expert advisers are sometimes known as trading robots since they are in charge of completely automated trade management. If you use a trading robot, you may not need human supervision. The Expert Advisor you employ, on the other hand, should have been thoroughly tested in a real-time market situation, and the indications should be tuned.

Your chart will not show anything if you only use expert advisors.

If you want your robot
to have a visual form, you must use the indicator included in the download file
below. I'll go through this
briefly because I've previously explained the parameters on which this Expert
Advisor made the trades.

Trend Reversal

If any open positions exist, they will all be closed when the market's trend shifts.

Stopping Loss

As a stop loss level, this expert adviser employs the Supertrend indicator.

I recommend using a demo account before committing to a live account with this professional adviser. It is advised that you learn to trade manually at first.

When you're confident in your trading approach, the only thing left to do is code it and turn it into a robot. Traders who do not know how to code may not be able to take advantage of this.

This expert adviser may be used to trade any currency pair on any time period. However, because the application was designed to trade forex, you may not be able to trade precious metals or equities.

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