The Best Way To Use Of Boom And Crash Spike Detector


Boom And Crash Spike Detector

Boom and Crash Spike Indicator

The boom and crash spike indicators is a highly strong spike detection programme with several pretty cool features.

Spike Warning ( from 10 to 100-second warning before spike)

Keeps rising Alert (for double or continuous spikes at a time)

All Boom/Crash Indexes are supported.

Spike pointer for the M1 time period.

For Swing trading, use a trend pointer with a larger time period.


The Boom and Crash Indicator method may provide trading signals that you can use as is or is combined with additional graphical analysis to further filter  signals, which is recommended.While this technique is suitable for traders of all experience levels, it can be useful forpractise trading on an MT4 demo mode until you are steady and comfortable enough to trade live. 


The Boom and Crash Spike Detection free forex Indicators may be configured to give you signal alerts through email, SMS, or platform squeeze.This is beneficial as it eliminates the need to watch charts all day in anticipation.for signals to arise, and it allows you to watch numerous charts at the same time. 

The Boom and Crash Spike Detector Program was designed to work with all fx pairings.You can also use it in any time frame that works best for you, from 1 minute to 24 hours.

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