How The Multi Currency Grid EA Work


Multi Currency Grid EA

Multicurrency Expert Advisor is based on a modified version of the system that includes the ability to use averaging. The Expert Advisor constructs a grid from a series of orders (opens a new position whenever a downturn emerges on the previous one) until all positions are closed in profit or breakeven at the same time.

Because the system does not employ Stop Loss, there can be no distinct loss repair.

A distinguishing feature of VelociRaptor Grid is that it opens a new position not with a specific grid step, as is customary for most advisers, but at the start of each new candle, if the distance to the previous order is not less than the one specified in the settings, resulting in a dynamic grid of positions being opened each time.

Multi Currency Grid EA

SETUP Expert | Advanced Configuration

| Unique Magik number. The adviser must be able to identify its trade orders from those of third-party advisors or manual trading.

TakeProfit | The Importance of Profit (Take Profit).

StopTradeAfterTP | If set to true, the Expert Advisor will cease opening new positions after the active grid has been closed.

Min Laverage | Leverage filter: fresh grid orders will not be opened if the current symbol's leverage is less than the one provided in the parameters.

Spread Maximum Setting the maximum permissible spread for the initial grid order opening. When MaxSpread exceeds zero, the filter is engaged.

If the current spread is greater than the MaxSpread value when a signal is received, the entry is postponed and an entry attempt is made until the next tick. If no entry has been made for the current candle, entry for the following candle is only allowed if the signal has been stored.

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